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AC Repair Clermont 34713

Do you need AC repair Clermont 34713 residents? Davis Air is one of the most well respected AC repair companies in the greater Clermont 34713 area. When you need to find an affordable AC repair company we have some of the best prices you will be able to find in all of Clermont. Call us today or fill out our contact form for any other questions or requests.

When you need an AC repair company, you probably need to find a company quickly. You are probably not as worried about getting the best deal or choosing a company with the best reputation. You should be able to trust that an AC repair company is going to give you a good price and honest assessment of your AC unit. However this is not always the case. Some AC repair companies may be willing to charge you more on a hot summer day because they know you need an AC repair company immediately. They may also be willing to mislead you about what is wrong with your AC unit. This should never be the case. We believe the most important asset our company has is our reputation. We will do whatever it takes to maintain our excellent reputation in Clermont area. We believe that honesty and integrity are the two most important qualities we can possess. If we were not able to give an honest assessment of what is wrong with your AC unit, we would not be able to maintain our integrity. Our company has some of the most experienced AC repair techs you will be able to find in all of Clermont. Our company wants to earn your business so you will be willing to pass our name along to friends, family or neighbors.

For AC repair Clermont 37413 residents can trust call Davis Air. You will not be disappointed. We look forward to hearing from you.

AC Repair Clermont 34711

Do you need a company to help you with AC Repair Clermont 34711 area residents? Davis Air & Heat Inc is the best company to call for AC and heater repair in the Clermont 34711 zip code. We have spent many years building a solid reputation in the greater Clermont 34711 area. Our company is well known for offering fair prices on outstanding AC and heater repair services.

All of us who live in Clermont area know that there are not many months that we actually need to use our heater, but it is important that when we need a heater it is working properly. Most people do not know that their heater is not working until the first time they try to use it for the year. It is best to have your heater inspected at least once every couple of years so you can be sure that it is running properly. Many heater repair companies in Clermont area will offer preventative maintenance on heaters. It is not always the case but many times these preventative maintenance checkups on heaters can allow you to avoid larger repair costs. If you have questions about your heater or would like us to repair your heater, you can call us anytime.

The majority of the year we only receive calls for AC Repair from Clermont 34711 residents. Clermont residents know how hot and humid it is most of the year here. Having a highly functional AC unit is not mandatory in most cases but it is hard to imagine life in an area like Clermont with out a good AC unit. When an AC unit stops working properly in the peak of the summer, having it fixed quickly and at a reasonable cost is a almost a must. You don’t have to suffer through the heat just because you are afraid an AC company is going to charge you too much money. Our company, Davis air & Heat, charges fair and honest prices on all AC repair services. Our AC repair technicians are highly skilled AC repair techs that know how to correctly diagnose the problem with AC units. Our AC Repair tech’s capabilities to properly diagnose problems with your AC unit will save you time and money. If you are need AC repair Clermont 34711 residents, we are one of the best AC repair companies to call without a doubt. Our company is dedicated to our customers and only providing the highest quality of service possible. Call us for all of your AC Repair needs 34711. We look forward to hearing from you.

Air Conditioner Repair Clermont

Do you need air conditioner repair Clermont? Odds are if you have made it to this page of our website, you probably need an air conditioner repair company. We want to thank you for visiting our website. We are happy you found our website and we know you will be too if you hire our air conditioner repair company.

Davis Air has been serving the greater Clermont area for many years. We offer affordable and reliable air conditioner repair services. Needing an air conditioner repair service is never a lot of fun but we always try to make the process of needing an AC repair company a little bit easier. Davis air knows that you do not need an air conditioner repair company very often so it is hard to know what to look for when you are trying to find one. How do you choose a good one and avoid a bad one? It takes careful research and reading a lot of online reviews on a number of different sites so you can choose the right company. Doing all of this research can take a lot of time. Time is something you probably do not have a lot of when your air conditioner is not working and is getting warmer in your home each and every moment your air conditioner is not working. The best thing you can do is rely upon sites that have great review filters like Yelp. Yelp’s review system filter does not always get things correct and they can filter off real reviews from customers. Despite their pitfalls they still have a good review system that is much more trustworthy than other online review sites. Relying upon sites that have good review filters will save you a lot of time and potentially let you avoid companies that may not be the best fit for you.

We know that all anyone wants when they hire a company is a company that they can trust that will not charge too much money and does quality work. Our air conditioner repair company meets all of the criteria people look for when they want to find an air conditioner repair company. We respond quickly to each and every call. We always charge a fair price and we treat our customers how we would like to be treated. If you need air conditioner repair Clermont homeowners, there is no better company to call than Davis air.

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Benefits of UltraViolet Lighting

What are the primary benefits of UV Lighting in your Air Conditioning Unit?

UV-C light will significantly reduce the amount of microbial in ductwork and air space, helping to reduce possible health problems associated with inhaling microbial. UV-C light is also beneficial in keeping HVAC coils free of mold which increases system efficiency.

What is the importance of UV-C light products for indoor environments?

Overall, people spend 90% of their time indoors, in a “closed” environment with little or no exchange of outside air. Such an environment can become a breeding ground for potentially harmful pathogens, and in high numbers, can prove hazardous to human health.

What is UV Light?

UV stands for Ultra-Violet light. Ultraviolet light represents the frequency of light between 200 nanometers (nm) and 400nm and cannot be seen with the naked eye. Within the UV spectrum lie three distinct bands of light: UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C. Longwave UV light (315nm to 400nm), or UV-A, refers to what we commonly call “black light.” UV-B (280nm to 315nm), or midrange UV, causes sunburn. Germicidal UV light (200nm to 280nm), or UV-C, is effective in microbial control. Research has demonstrated that within this UV-C band the most efficient frequency for microbial destruction is between 254nm and 265nm. Germicidal lamps that produce the majority of their output in this range will be the most effective in microbial control/destruction.

How does it work?

UV-C light emitted by the Bio-Fighter® penetrates the cell walls of the microbe, causing cellular or genetic damage. The affected microbe is neutralized or becomes unable to reproduce. Intensity and exposure time will determine how quickly a susceptible microbe is disabled by UV-C light.

Do I still need an air filter?

Yes. The Bio-Fighter® is designed to be used in addition to a dust filter or electronic air cleaner and the filtration of dust particles will also aid in keeping the bulb(s) of the Bio-Fighter® unit clean. However, filters are inefficient at dealing with microscopic bacteria, molds, and viruses and are incapable of preventing mold from growing on a surface. The Bio-Fighter® UV-C Light System contributes significantly to the reduction of the small microbial organisms that pass through filters and into the general air stream. Proper placement of the Bio-Fighter® unit above the coil, or a surface area prone to microbial growth aids in reducing the amount of viable microbes on that surface.

How much maintenance is required on a UV light product?

Lamps should be cleaned by a professional every six (6) months to remove any dust accumulation on the bulbs that might lessen the effectiveness of the UV-C light. The Dust Free UV-C light bulbs have a service life of 9,000 hours, or approximately 375 days. Annual replacement of the bulb(s) is recommended. Bio-Fighter® UV-C units should be left on continuously as turning them on and off ages the bulbs and power supplies.

How much electricity does UV-C light use?

Each tube uses approximately the same electricity as a 40-watt light bulb.

How many lamps do you recommend for home installations?

One lamp is normally sufficient to control microbial growth on the coils and in the drain pan. The lamp size used should be proportional to the space that is available in the coil and drain pan area. However, since each HVAC system is as different as the building within which it functions, the Bio-Fighter® UV-C Light System most suitable for your needs should be recommended and installed by a professional trained in UV-C light use and application.